Yueyang Institute of intelligent manufacturing and sensing technology of Wuhan University, founded in 2021, is a government enterprise industry university research integration cooperation project between Yueyang Municipal People's government and Wuhan University, with a group of high-end scientific and technological talents such as Professor Liu Sheng, President of the Institute of Industrial Sciences, as the core, focusing on the research, development and incubation of scientific research achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing.
Yueyang Luojia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise operation organization of Yueyang intelligent manufacturing and Sensing Technology Research Institute of Wuhan University. Its business scope includes cutting-edge and common intelligent manufacturing and research and development of sensing technology and equipment; Consulting services, foreign exchanges and cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, sensing technology and other fields; Transformation of technological achievements, market promotion and science and technology incubation; Undertake special topics and scientific research projects of government departments, enterprises, other institutions and social organizations at all levels.
Yueyang Luojia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
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